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    The Global Leader in
    Payment Protection,
    Payment Assurance & Reminder Systems
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    Simplifying Contract
    A Fully Integrated & most Powerful Solution
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    Global Connectivity
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    The Leader in
    Payment Assurance & Reminder System

Solid Technology

SekurPay is an M2M asset management solution that’s both scalable and reliable with a full payment, and contract management solution.

Supported Industries

SekurPay monitoring and contract management solution enhances the collection process by helping customers make their payments.

SekurPay Touch

SekurPay Touch is the most progressive payment technology in the world. It now combines the latest in Anti-Tamper, GPS.

SekurPay GPS (SU505L)

The SekurPay GPS (SU505L) is a flexible, legal payment assurance solution that uses telematics technology.


  • Possible lower down payments.
  • More approved loans..
  • Possible longer terms.
  • Lower delinquencies.

Providing a wide range of solutions, SekurPay address several of the industries most recognized needs. SekurPay can change its behavior based on special remote instructions, thus eliminating the need to reprogram for changing basic parameters which can be used to alter Grace Days, GMT Offset and Shut-off time.

  • Improve customer service
  • Increase productivity of your service fleets
  • Manage vehicle and service inventory assets
  • Improve worker safety and security

SekurPay-Gps ((SU505L))

SekurPay-GPS ((SU505L)) has no physical limitation because it does not require interaction with the system within the vehicle in order to ensure timely payments.
A payment trigger exists for every payment that is due. The vehicle loan financier using the SekurPay-GPS ((SU505L)) Payment Assurance Solution releases a new trigger if a payment has not been made.
SekurPay-GPS ((SU505L)) can change its behavior based on Over the Air programming (OTA) instructions, thus eliminating the need to interact with the device or recalling the vehicle for changing basic parameters.

SekurPay Video

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