A Fully Automated Monitoring And Contract Management Solution

SekurPay monitoring and contract management solution enhances the collection process by helping customers make their payments, leading to reduced delinquencies and improved cash flow and portfolio performance.

This easy to use and pro-active technology can help you worry less about payments and help your customers stay current.

Our solution allows customers a proactive approach to improving the collection process, helping to reduce delinquencies and improve portfolio performance.

  • Automated Collection Technology
  • Reduces delinquencies by up to 95% or more
  • Fully adjustable programmable payment cycles
  • Automated Payment Reminders
  • Meets all state Right-to-Cure laws
  • Optional anti-theft functionality available

SekurPay reduces your overall delinquencies and collections.

More than 25% of new auto loans fall into the nonprime, subprime or deep-subprime credit tiers. In addition, credit scores of consumers seeking a used car loan dropped over 9 points from the same time a year ago. That's why it's more important than ever to protect your assets. Whether you use one of our SekurPay GPS (SU505L) devices or our SekurPay Touch devices, Sekurus has been proven to enhance your collection process by reducing delinquencies and helping customers stay current.

According to CNW Marketing Research, which conducted a 6-year study, customers with SekurPay are current with their installment payments 97.22% of the time, compared to those customers without the system who are current only 72.79% of the time. Delinquencies dropped from 27.21% to 2.27% and repossessions fell from 15% to 2.10%.

Start seeing 97.22% of your portfolio current

Find It When You Need It

Sekurus Recovery Tool

Sekurus provides asset protection at an economical price while utilizing the same hardware and software platform of Sekurus line of products. Location and remote vehicle disable features offers customers tools for a swift recovery if needed.

Automated locates, responsive functionality and a variety of additional features make Sekurus products one of the most powerful devices on the market. Sekurus products range in collections, contact management and recovery 27/7/365 days.

  • Pin point GPS location service
  • Embedded Remote vehicle disable
  • Patented Technology
  • Device Tamper Notification
  • Up to Six (8) simultaneous Geo-fences
  • 24-Hour location
  • Automatic Location Heartbeat
  • Vehicle low power notification
  • Install Verification Service (IVS) ensures device is installed properly

  • Client Mobile and Communication System
  • Client interface Portal
  • Customer Management System (CRM)
  • Installation Management System,
  • Recovery Application
  • Contract management
  • Loan and Payment System
  • Dealership Inventory Management.
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