Payment Protection Systems, Sekurus Merge

New and used automotive retailers and financial institutions will be able to get a broader product offering and enhanced services as a result of a recent merger between Payment Protection Systems, Inc. and Sekurus, Inc Payment Protection Systems, the manufacturer of ON TIME, the starter-interrupt system and Sekurus, a products and solutions provider of systems used to secure and mange the subprime auto loan portfolios of both buy here-pay here auto dealers and financial institutions, announced a merger early last month, that has resulted in a new company called Sekurus, Inc.


In US, electronic repo device stalls cars of late payers

California-based Sekurus has equipped a quarter of a million cars with its "On Time" automatic repossession device, which flashes colored warning lights to the driver of a car bought on tick as loan payment day approaches."The light is green when you're good; when your payment is due it turns yellow," explained Mike Simon, chief executive of Sekurus.


Shut-off device monitors buyers with bad credit

Sekurus Inc., which makes On Time, says dealers who use the device cut their repossession rate for used cars and trucks bought with subprime loans to about 3 percent. For comparable vehicles that lack starter-interrupt systems, Sekurus says, as many as 25 percent are repossessed.


remove the labels – gadgets and life

A company called Sekurus has developed a device called the On Time which will actually force a new car owner to make their scheduled payments or face the risk of the vehicle not starting. The devices run about $250 and are typically installed by car dealerships or finance companies who cater to buyers who don’t have the most exemplary of credit histories. When a payment on the .


No-Loan-Payment, No-Car-Start System Integrated in DMS

Sekurus, Inc. says On Time, its vehicle starter-interrupt system that ensures timely collection of customer car payments, can now operate as part of Micro 21 dealer-management system software. The firm says the DMS integration enables both Sekurus and Micro 21 to better serve the needs of buy-here-pay-here car dealerships nationwide. As a result of the agreement, Micro 21 software is now equipped


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