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Founded in 1999, Sekurus International is a global leader in embedded wireless solutions (AKA) M2M or machine-to-machine) with particular expertise in the automotive industry. Our technology encompasses the use of nine (9) patents and two (2) patent pending related to risk management for automobile loans such as starter interrupt systems, anti-tamper systems, GPS tracking technology and installation processes associated with more efficient collections, enhanced portfolio performance and greater yield for our clients.– A global company with offices in Canada,California, Dubai and India.Let’s remember who invented the technology of Payment Protection and reminder system and the Industry!!!

We design and manufacture both embedded Code based and wireless, vehicle-embedded devices that can send, receive and process information using global positioning satellites (GPS) and the largest managed global network of wireless carriers serving the automotive market. Our user clients gain asset management business value with a multitude of interface options including tailored web applications, handsets or XML APIs to existing enterprise software applications

The name was derived from Security to our Clients Assets as the founder of the first payment protection system on the marker.

The name was derived from Security to our Clients Assets as the founder of the first payment protection system on the marker.A : The company provides solutions for remote asset managementof mobile assets alongside the automotive markets which includesthe subprime finance, insurance and commercial fleet with representation in over 33 countries including North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East

Our network includes over 1,450,000 vehicles which represents over $4.0 billion in mobile assets.

We were a multi-level Microsoft Gold and recognized as an early achiever along of side Technology Advancement Award.

Our products and services are available through various sales channels. Contact us to see how we can deliver your solution.

A small, intelligent device is installed in the asset (the vehicle) and powered by the local supply. The device includes a microprocessor and firmware to collect, compute and/or distribute data or commands. The device includes antennas to communicate with satellites (for positioning information) and radio towers for the actual transmission of the data. The data is then processed through the sekurus gateway, using internet protocols to deliver the information either on a handset, web-based application or possibly as an XML message to third-party software.

This acronym refers to the key components of the Sekurus platform, which are Device (In vehicle devices CODE or Telematics), Network (Mobile Wireless Communications Network) and Application (the monitoring and contract management software and API).

A disclosure waiver is recommended as a best practice when using technology that gathers personal information or may inhibit freedom of action, particularly when a vehicle is disabled. This protects both parties from results beyond each other’s control. In a sub-prime auto finance model, it’s often one of the conditions of the loan.

The technology supports the disabling (and re-enabling) of the starter. This will not immobilize the vehicle while travelling, but it will prevent the ignition from functioning. Our technology also includes an emergency bypass feature, in case the vehicle travels to an area without wireless coverage and the starter needs to be re-enabled.

Sekurus uses state-of-the-art technology to encrypt and protect your data. Our actual data center is carrier-grade, which means we follow the same industry standards as your mobile phone provider. More over more, being a Gold Certified Partner for Network Security and Mobile Solution Network Security.

A geo-fence is a user-defined virtual perimeter on a geographic area that will trigger an alert when a vehicle with an embedded tracking device enters or leaves the designated zone. The area can be a small as a garage or lot, or as big as a country, to trigger cross-border violations.

An application programming interface (API) is a protocol to support the integration of disjointed software applications, allowing them to work seamlessly. The Sekurus API will allow your current applications to connect to our monitoring and contract management solution, giving your technical staff the ability to create a seamless flow of data between the two systems.

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a widely-used standard in programming. Sekurus supports XML markup to maximize the flexibility of our monitoring software and aid information sharing, especially via the Internet.

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is a company that provides wireless service but does not have the entire infrastructure (frequency allocation, towers, etc.) required to provide mobile voice or data service. The model is designed to overcome the reality that no global wireless carrier (No Mobile Network Operator or MNO) exists and a global GPS tracking solution needs seamless connections anywhere in the world. As a fully licensed telecommunication service provider (Mobile, International Long Distance and ISP (MVNO) Sekurus customizable connectivity solutions enable you to choose exactly the kind of network connectivity you desire with over 400+ networks.

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the most popular standard for mobile phones and wireless devices in the world. It’s estimated that 80% of the global mobile market uses this standard across more than 212 countries. It is a key enabler for global M2M solutions, independent of any one carrier.

Our MVNO model provides instant access to over 400 GSM operators covering 190 countries with no roaming charges whether you use our device or our M2M SIM or our IoT(Internet of Things) solution.

A Buy-Here, Pay-Here (BHPH) business is one where the dealer provides auto financing to customers who are unable to obtain credit using conventional lending institutions. BHPH dealers sell affordable vehicles for which customers generally return to the dealership weekly or monthly to make payments. Given the risk of default, BHPH dealers use Sekurusmonitoring and contract management solution to remind the borrower when payments are due and recover their collateral should the buyer default on the loan.

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