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Why SekurPay

SekurPay is a patented legal electronic starter interrupt unit that motivates high-credit-risk customers to pay in a timely manner. It solves the finance dilemma by making it possible for a car buyer to purchase and finance a vehicle.

SekurPay shifts the burden of collecting car loans from the lender to the borrower because it changes payment behavior. SekurPay can increase cash flow 29-38%.SekurPay system is compliant with all state and provincial consumer protection laws. It’s tamper-proof.

According to CNW Marketing Research, which conducted a 6-year study, customers with SekurPay are current with their installment payments 97.22% of the time, compared to those customers without the system who are current only 72.79% of the time. Delinquencies dropped from 27.21% to 2.27% and repossessions fell from 15% to 2.10%.

Few more reasons for choosing SekurPay

Increased Sales:

More Customers can qualify for Finance, Leasing and Rent to own Program’sas Finance company now has an Asset Protection Solution.

High Customer Satisfaction:

SekurPay allows more car buyers to re-establish their credit and qualify for lower interest loans. SekurPay leads to a better managed and updated documentation for the finance, leasing and rentalcompanies

Changes Credit Behavior:

95-98% of customers with SekurPay in their car make their payments in a timely manner. SekurPay is not simply a device it’s a COMPLETE SYSTEM that changes payment behavior.


SekurPay is the only payment assurance solution that has been tested in the US Courts and ruled "the Consumers are safe with the SekurPay Thus in cases where a client wishes to make a partial payment of the scheduled installment and approved by the lender the system automatically adjusts the next payment to the proportionate periodof the payment cycle.

SekurPay Standard Programming:

Following contract creation via the Asset Management Solution application the user all of the pertinent payments are uploaded to the contract and a device assigned for installation into the vehicle. The process uses the following information:

  • Payment Codes
  • Grace Days
  • Shut-off time
  • GMT Offset

SekurPay Flexible Programming:

Following contract creation via the Asset Management Solution offers flexibility to those organizations where payments are required to be managed in a less regular manner. This enhancement offers the following key benefits to such organizations in terms of flexible contract management and installation procedures:

  • Simplifies the management of contracts
  • No "catch up codes" required where previous payments have been missed
  • Shut-off time
  • Simplifies pre-installation

Such flexibility allows the company to accept partial payments and enable the vehicle for proportionate periods. Thus in cases where a client wishes to pay half of the scheduled installment it is possible to enable the vehicle for a proportionate period which would enable the vehicle automatically adjusting the next payment to the proportionate period of the payment cycle.

The flexibility makes it possible to change a number of contract parameters without reprogramming the device. It also facilitates the extension of an existing contract or creation of a sub contract without reprogramming the device, thus eliminating the need for interacting with the device. This facilitates changes to the following:

  • Number of installments
  • Installment date
  • Amount of Installment
  • Payment Codes

Sekurus has developed an Application Programming Interface (API) that functions as a web service, enabling customers and third-party developers to efficiently manage Contracts, Clients, Inventory, Payments, Vehicle Location, Performance and Engine Diagnostic data to other systems if needed.

What can you do with an Open API?

  • Exported data can be used in resource planning systems. By analyzing mileage, stops, fuel consumption, and other factors, managers can determine optimal numbers of vehicles for their fleet to provide the best possible customer service.
  • Vehicle maintenance systems utilize the service history, combined with engine diagnostic data, to make service decisions. Vehicle performance can be assessed to determine when a vehicle should be retired from the fleet and sold.
  • Scheduling systems can use the route data to appropriately schedule drivers for the best response times.

INCREASED SALES, by increasing the size of the consumer market available to finance and automotive retail businesses.

REDUCED DELINQUENCY RATES. This system improves customer payment behavior.

Benchmarks without system Benchmarks with system Actuals

Category Current Delinquent Repossessions
Benchmarks without system 72.7%. 27.3% 15.0%
Benchmarks with system 95.0% 5.0% 4.0%
Actuals 97.3% 2.8% 2.3%

API Requests

The web service is based on REST, which is short for Representational State Transfer. REST is a method of performing a set of basic operations like creating, reading, updating, or deleting information using simple HTTP calls.

API Keys and Security

In order to use the new Open API, users first request a key for their account. The key is used in a customizable URI (Universal Resource Identifier). The URI looks much like a URL (Universal Resource Locator – the path a web browser uses to find web pages), but can be customized to request specific data.

The key is used to identify the user. By assigning a separate key to each user, the security for that user is propagated to the web service, limiting the data they have access to.

Data Queues are faster than the Data Pump, but there is no filter to request a specific record. Data Queues contain vehicle tracking and location data, event data (Ignition On/Off, Travel Start/Stop, etc.) and input data (Door switches, seat belt alerts, PTOs, etc). For customers transporting perishables, temperature data from up to three temperature zones is included.

Data Formats

Users can request the data in XML or JSON formats. Whether a customer wants to do data analysis, or a third-party is developing a new tool for use with Fleet Manager™, the new Open API provides them with a faster and more secure method of obtaining that data.

Buy Here Pay Here

Sekurus leads the way in contract Management Platforms with real-time data for Buy Here Pay Here.

Our proprietary Next Generation Platform allows our clients to:

  • View their assets in true real-time
  • Schedule valuable reports to their Inbox
  • Receive notification when an asset has entered an Impound
  • View frequent stops and stop duration
  • Automate verification of reference addresses
  • Monitor health status of deployed devices
  • Apply critical alerts to all vehicle with a few clicks
  • Apply critical alerts to all vehicle with a few clicks
  • Automated vehicle disable
  • As a BHPH professional, you require a robust platform designed for the BHPH marketplace that enables you to:

  • No "catch up codes" required where previous payments have been missed
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Contracts
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Assets
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Cash flow
  • ManageRepossessions
  • Manage Installation
  • Magnify overall profits

You can be confident when giving credit that Sekurus will save you time, money, and increase your overall profits!

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