Sekurpay Touch

SekurPay Touch

SekurPay Touch is the most progressive payment technology in the world. It now combines the latest in Anti-Tamper, GPS location and visual touchscreen reminder technology. By combining these technologies, SekurPay Touch, unlike anyone else provides a true change in customer payment behavior and provides the finance company asset tracking protection.

As a bonus, we add the most advanced mobile management tools available so you can be anywhere in the world and manage your payment and cash flow. SekurPay Touch is a seamless all in one system for dealers, finance companies and customers.

Why SekurPay Touch?

SekurPay Touch is a patented legal electronic starter interrupt unit that motivates high-credit-risk customers to pay in a timely manner. It needs no outside cellular communication and is fully passive and automatic. The touch system can integrate with GPS, Bluetooth and mobile applications for Smart Phone technology

SekurPay Touch can increase cash flow by 29-38%, drop delinquencies from 27% to 2%, and decrease repossessions from 15% to 2%. Calculate.

  • Integrated Anti-Tamper Option
  • Integrated location base service (LBS) option
  • Integrated reminder technology (customers can't ignore )
  • Integrated Bluetooth option for Smart phone applications
  • Automatic and passive

Experience the difference of "Changing Behavior through technology".

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