Payment Protection And Reminder

The SEKURPAY system is a legal electronic payment protection unit that uses microprocessor-based technology to turn credit-challenged prospects into paying customers who pay in a timely manner. SEKURPAY will remind the vehicle operator when payments are due, and it will disable the vehicle if payments are not made. The Key Pad system (right) visually reminds(THERE IS NO KEY PAD ON THE RIGHT!) customers of their payment status. An LED will flash green to confirm when payments are current.

When a payment is due, the flashing LED will turn yellow, and the customer will be aware that a payment must be made. 3 days before the vehicle is disabled, the number 3 on the key pad will flash, reminding the customer that he/she is on their final 3 days. 2 days before the vehicle is disabled, the number 2 on the key pad will not start.

SekurPay Standard Programming:

Following contract creation via the Asset Management Solution application the user of all the pertinent payments are uploaded to the contract and a device is assigned for installation into the vehicle. The process uses the following information:

  • Payment Codes.
  • Grace Days
  • Shut-off time
  • GMT Offset

SekurPay Flexible Programming:

Following contract creation via the Asset Management Solution offers flexibility to those organizations where payments are required to be managed in a less regular manner. This enhancement offers the following key benefits to such organizations in terms of flexible contract management and installation procedures:

  • Simplifies the management of contracts
  • No "catch up codes" required where previous payments have been missed
  • Shut-off time
  • Simplifies pre-installation

SekurPay Solid Technology Measurable results Flexible Programming:

Such flexibility allows the company to accept partial payments and enable the vehicle for proportionate periods. Thus in cases where a client wishes to pay half of the scheduled installment it is possible to enable the vehicle for a proportionate period which would enable the vehicle automatically adjusting the next payment to the proportionate period of the payment cycle.

The flexibility makes it possible to change a number of contract parameters without reprogramming the device. It also facilitates the extension of an existing contract or creation of a sub contract without reprogramming the device, thus eliminating the need for interacting with the device. This facilitates changes to the following:

  • Number of installments
  • Installment date
  • Amount of Installment
  • Payment Codes

Benefits for Dealers:

  • You can get paid right away! Remove payments barriers so you can get paid faster.
  • Customers will love the convenience of paying online. Give your customers one more incentive to buy from you!
  • We handle the hassles. Let us worry about merchant accounts, hosting, and security so you can focus on making sales!

Key Features:

  • Accept online payments from any device. Supports iPhones, Android Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and more!
  • Affordable ecommerce for buy-here-pay-here dealerships (BHPH).
  • Extra security in a dangerous world! PCI Compliant software provides extra protection against credit card theft and can help lower your compliance liability.
  • Makes repeat payments easy. Customers can save account profiles for even quicker payments.
  • Get financial data wherever you want it. Deep integration with financial software included at no extra charge QuickBooks and most dealership management systems (DMS) included and to our free vehicle inventory and contract management solution.
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